Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Maddness Begins... Grandma and Grandpa Visit May 7-14th

I know I haven't blogged since Easter, but I swear it feels like I was blogging just yesterday...this month has FLOWN by!  It was beyond a great month here in the Larsen household.  Not only did Ellie turn 2 months:
little miss!

  We also had a plethora of visitors travel through the Larsen residence.  After running a mere 13.1 miles (come on, that's practically a walk in the park!) at the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, my parents (Ann and Bruce) got on afternoon flight out of Indianapolis and flew down to meet their newest grandchild- Little Miss Eleanor.  I know waiting 2 months to meet her seemed like an eternity, but in the end it was worth the wait!  She is just SO alert now- smiling all the time, longer wake periods, and "talking" up a storm! 

Granny Annie and Grandpa Bruce with the grandkids
While in town, Granny Annie and Grandpa Bruce were able to enjoy some seriously warm early May weather...I think it was in the 80's all week!  A big plus for them, considering they were lizards in a previous life.  I haven't been able to spend a Mother's Day with my mom in a few years, so it was nice having her around on such a special day.  We went to church in the morning with Eleanor (a girls trip!) and then went out for a brunch at my new favorite Fort Mill gem- The Savannah Room.  (It's a little tea room...very quaint and GREAT food!  If you're ever in town, I promise to take you- it's my favorite place to go with out of town guests!)  After the tea room, the Anderson Family came over for a little mingling, game playing, and of course dinner.  Nothing too fancy, just potato salad (that Bruce made...thanks Bruce!) and hamburgers and hotdogs- YUM! 
Mom and I at the tea room!
Alicia and Chase during our game of Apples to Apples
 During the week, Mom and Bruce were able to take Chase on a special Gma/Gpa/Chase outting to Discovery Place kids.  I don't have any pictures of this, but I am told they had LOADS of fun!  It is an interactive childrens museum (like BellaBoo's) but quite large.  Geared for children 2-8 years old.  They were gone with Chase until about 2:30pm which gave me plenty of time to sleep, as I had to work the night before.  Ellie was at our neighbors for the morning! 

Mom and I were able to do lots of baking during the week.  We made flower cookies for Ellie's baptism as well as caramel bars for Jason's work...yum!!  Being savvy cooks these days, Mom and Bruce made us dinner one night and it was fabulous!
Peeling caramels.

At the end of the week, Chase, Grandma and Grandpa were participating in the Twighlight 5K one mile kids fun run.  Now, Chase loves to run around the house (literally, in circles around the center of our house) but, this was Chase's first official race.  I wasn't sure how he would do for such a "long" distance, but he did AWESOME!  He ran the whole thing (minus a stop to high five a police officer, and once to stop and yell "the moon!").  For this 0.72 mile course he ran a 12:45...not bad for being 2 years old (we are pretty sure the youngest competitor) and he didn't come in last! woohoo! 
pre race dinner at wild wing cafe

Almost a blur due to their speed!

My little Prefontaine with his grandparents!

the group!
It was a great week.  No matter how long, it is tough to say goodbye.  Jason and I have said time and time again, no matter how much we love living here in South Carolina, saying goodbye to our families is too hard.  It breaks my heart each and every time I have to see them go :(  Luckily, I bought my ticket to go home in August for my 10 year high school reunion!  Watch out Chesterton- back in town August 11th with Ellie!
Bruce and Eleanor

Grandma, Chase and Ellie

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