Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day

This year we were fortunate enough to spend Mother's Day in Indianapolis!!  We had a very relaxing day... Paul made breakfast that morning, Chase fell asleep on me (which he NEVER does!) for a whole hour during nap time, Jason took me to Cafe Patachou for lunch, AND my dad drove through town to do some grandpa bonding with Chase followed my a daddy/daughter dinner at an awesome seafood restaurant.  Here are some pics from the great day!!
greatest Mother's Day gift EVER!
Hanging out on the lawn with Linette
Looks like the Big Wheel was a success!!
Grandpa, Me, Mr Chase and Jason posing for a shot

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 Indianapolis Mini Marathon!!

Realizing we could take the opportunity to come home to Indiana, as well as get ourselves back in shape (let's face it...I had a few pounds of baby weight left to lose!), Jason and I happily (haha) signed up for the Mini Marathon.  Now, we have both done it in the past...this was my 5th or 6th, and Jason's second...yet, neither one of us was is runner shape about 4 months ago. 

Diligently, we stuck, for the most part, to our running schedules and made it through 12 weeks of training!  Half marathon weekend has arrived....

We went to the expo downtown which is always fun because they have great things to look at, and fun running stuff to buy!  A couple of my South Bend buddies, Janelle and Scott, met us at the expo.  It was awesome to see them since I have not seen or done a race with them in a couple of years!  After the expo, we went to Buca Di Beppo for a carbo loading dinner!  Much to our surprise we were seated at the Pope's table, which is sort of its own little room (perfect for the crazy table with the crazy child!)  As we should get that mom booked the reservation in January!!!  

One of my best friends from High School, Alison, was also able to make it to dinner!!  She now lives in Chicago and just completed her first Boston Marathon.

The Pope's table...the center was a big lazy Susan!

Chase was checking out the Pope's chair

Janelle, Scott, Bruce and Ann

Alison, Me, Marie, Paul, Chase, and Jason

Me, Chase and Alison

After the big carbo loading, we were ready to go!! Race morning was a bit winding, but overall awesome weather: overcast and cool (about 45 degrees at the finish) which was perfect for 13.1 miles of running.  I was lucky enough to have my friend Alison by my side from mile 3-13!  That's right, my awesome friend hopped in with my at mile 3 and coached me/entertained me the whole way!!!

Our times:
Kim- 2:18:40
Jason: 1:57:11 
Bruce: 2:03:48
Ann: 1:45:07
Awesome job group!

Back Home Again In Indiana!

Jason and I had the pleasure of training for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (13.1 miles for you non-runners), so of course, we packed up the suitcases and headed back to Indy to spend 5 days!  We got in Wednesday afternoon where Jason's Mom and Grandpa picked us upJason's grandpa lives in Michigan, but stopped through on his drive back from Texas!  It was great to see him, and you know he was just dying to see Chase man!  

Anyways, we detoured to one of my most favorite places in Indy, The Sizzling Wok, for some AMAZING Vietnamese (the one off Lafayette Rd).  When we finally got to Carmel (which took FOREVER) we were able to see Jason's sister, brother in law, and their two little girls!  I can't believe how much they have changed since Christmas!!  We had a nice family dinner on the porch...something we use to do almost weekly before Jason and I left.  It was so great to spend time with the whole family like we use to when we lived there. 

Four Generations of Larsen Men!

The Larsen Family and Grandpa!!

While we were back visiting, a couple of my friends from work came to visit as well as one of Jason's old friends.  Kari came with Olivia, and Heidi came with Grant.  Both Heidi and Kari have such CUTE babies!!  It makes me sad to be so far away...we definitely miss our friends!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last week, Jason was named offensive player of the week for the entire flag football league!  I can't remember the stats, so I will post the link for everyone to check out.  Unfortunately, while we were away in Indiana, his team lost in the first round of playoffs....probably because they didn't have their BEST player!! :)

Check it out: The stats link to see what a stud my husband is!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Had a BLAST with Grandma and Grandpa...sad to see them go!!!

As discussed in the last couple blogs, my parents Ann and Bruce came Saturday April 24th for a visit.  We had such a GREAT time!!!  Mr. Fix It, Bruce, graciously spent a lot of time this week working on our honey do list of things we have not been able to get to (and quite frankly, Bruce can do better and much more efficiently!)  Mom and I spent our days shopping and entertaining Chase :)  I don't remember the last birthday I spent with my parents, so it was great to have them around to celebrate!  

As always, I am sad to see them go!!  I want them to move to South Carolina (come on Mom, Sun City Lakes!) SOOO badly.  Carolyn and Katie need to jump on the Carolinas boat to make their decision easier.  Luckily, we will see them this coming weekend for the mini marathon in Indy, but then we will have to wait another 7 months until Christmas to see them again...I am sure there will be some tears.  

Anyways, I just can't thank them enough for coming and for everything they have done, given, and shared with us....we LOVE YOU!!

Some pictures from their visit:
  Jason and I at my birthday dinner at The Fish Market, in Baxter.
Mom and Bruce
my birthday present.  A specially made beach glass bracelet from some of the beach glass mom and Bruce have found at the Dunes over the years...a piece of home to always have with me :)
This is what Chase and Daddy were doing while we waited for our food...what goons :)
What a nice family dinner!
Grandpa working on some hanging projects
The three runners after the Waxhaw town and country 5k Bruce decided we should all sign up for.  No matter where he is, he will always find a race to run!
Mom was a champ! She got 2nd overall in the Womens Masters division....beaten by 8 seconds by a lady 8 years younger than her....quite amazing! What a speed racer :)
Love you!
See you in a week!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Anderson family comes for a visit

        After my surprise birthday celebration, on Sunday we were having visitors that I knew about it town.  The Anderson family came to see our new house and enjoy Mom and Bruce's company as well.  Before they arrived Sunday afternoon, Jason, Mom, Bruce and I all had our long runs to get done.  I did 11 miles, Jason did 12, and Mom and Bruce did 13....ouch!  It was a little rough.  The half marathon is May 8th and I'm starting to get nervous!!!  Anyways, they live in Greenville SC which is just a couple hours west of Fort Mill, so it was very nice of them to make the trip!  Jackie is my mom's cousin and my Godmother. 

Alicia, Mom, Jackie, Haley, and I spending some time in the hot sun!
Grandma helping Chase up the swingset
Haley and Chase going for a ride down the slide

We played a great game of Apples to Apples while the lasagna was baking in the oven.  I just LOVE this game, and it really was great to play with so many people, and of all age groups!
Of course we had to get some family pictures
Chase was being very silly!!

       It was such a great visit and I am so thankful they were able to make the trip.  I know Mom and Bruce were also very glad they were able to see the Anderson family....twice in one year!!  Haley and Alicia didn't know we live so close to the amusement park, Carowinds, which happens to be about 5 miles from our I hope they will come back in the fall so we can all go together!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My GOLDEN Birthday!!!

Okay, for those of you that don't know what a golden birthday is, let me first start off with the definition: This is the day you turn the age of the date your birthday falls on... that doesn't sound as clear as it did in my head.  For instance: my birthday is April 27th and this year I turned 27.  My friend Sara's is next year when she will be 28 on May 28th....get it??  Well, when I was growing up in Chesterton Indiana, I don't know if just MY friends knew about and celebrated this, but somewhere along the line I began to believe this was a very big deal.  For a 9 or 10 year old kid, birthday #27 seems like it will never come, and you will be way too old to celebrate.  My wonderfully wonderful (yes, I just did that) husband, Jason, knew how important this special day is to me...I potentially mentioned it on our first date (kidding!)  Anyways, my parents Ann and Bruce came into town this past Saturday.  I picked them up from the airport at noon with Chase in tow, and when we arrived home, much to my surprise Sara, Matthew and Hunter (my wonderfully wonderful best friends) were there for a surprise party!  Jason had planned, and sent out Evites (which I was super impressed with) to make my special, once in a lifetime, birthday absolutely perfect!!!  It was just awesome.  Of course, My parents had just gotten into town, so that was awesome, the Easley's came from Charleston for the occasion, as well as my good friend from work Susie and her some Liam, and Dolly, Greg and their two girls.  Jason got our new grill (thanks again Carolyn and Bob) going with brats and hamburgers which was perfect because it turned out to be a great afternoon!  He also got me a cake!  Really, it was so thoughtful of him to put the party together, and so gracious for everyone to take time out of their Saturday to come and spend it with me!  A great start to an awesome week!!

 Me and my cake!

 Sara, Matthew and Hunter

 The Joines', The Larsen's, The Golden's, and The Easley's!

 Me, Chase and Grandma