Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tonight for the first time, we fed Chase apples. He has had sweet potatoes and squash, but neither one of those foods has ever made him react like the apples did! With every day, he is learning something new. Watching him grow and learn is SO exciting! Check out this cute video:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I would like to start out by wishing every dad out there a very happy father's day. I feel especially blessed every year on fathers day because I myself have two very amazing fathers that I love very much. This year is the first year I have really been away from home, so on these special days, I very much miss my family...and today, hold a very special place in my heart for my wonderful dads :)

On a second note, I am very blessed to have married such a wonderful man who has turned out to be an AMAZING least these first few months :) For this special day, Chase and I decided to put our brains together and we came up with a very fun project! I googled a local pottery painting place, and went there to see what kind of magic we could make. We decided on a frame. I wanted something I could fit Chase's feet on, and I also wanted to put the NASCAR logo on, so Jason could take this to put on his work desk. The creative juices were flowing...

Jason has informed me, I have broken no laws by making a one time work of long as I do not try to sell this for profit :)

Ready for firing!!

Daddy opening his gift.

He loved it!!

Later in the day, Jason thought we should put Chase in his "kickball team captain" shirt that our friend Yvette got for Chase when he was born. For those that didn't know, Jason and I met playing kickball in Indianapolis... so this very thoughtful, specially made shirt means a lot to us.

Chase and daddy...He is getting so big!

Larsen '09... too cute!

The happiest baby on this block :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet Potatoes!!

What a week! I would like to first start out by saying, working full times really kicks my butt! But, I would like to thank my wonderful husband for picking up the slack and helping me so much with Chase and around the house. It will be a change for sure, but I am excited to be back in the swing of things...although, it's never easy being the new girl on the block (I hate that!) Chase and I managed to start Jason's Fathers Day gift project (TBA at a later date!) and we spent most of Saturday afternoon at the football field watching Jason play a couple games of flag football. Because it's already hotter than the sun here in Charlotte ( least I think so), Chase and I had to spend a little time out of the sun and inside the YMCA. Nevertheless, Chase was super tired from the exciting afternoon!

I decided today was going to be the day Chase had his first round of "solids". Soooo, with a little encouragement from my friend Amy, I decided I was going to attempt making all of Chase's baby food! After getting every processor I have dirty, and using several pots, I was able to successfully accomplish this task. The real test was if Chase would eat it...AND HE DID! He LOVED all of it! This made the mommy very happy!

Here are a few pictures from my adv
The bamboo steamer I used to cook the food!

The food processor I finally settled on.

Freezing the sweet potatoes for later use!

Mommy, I like this!!

Chase in the tub, sucking on a toy after the sweet potato adventure!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Job, A Wedding, Family Visits!!

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks! First of all, I got a new job! woohoo! I will be working at Presbyterian Hospital here in Charlotte on the special care maternity and labor and delivery areas. Only a couple of days a week, but through the summer I will be orienting full time. Therefore, the Chase man has gone to daycare for the first time! We started with Kindercare, who my sister takes Claire to and she really likes. So far so good. They told me this week that Chase was a VERY good boy (of course he was!) And, of course, that he was such a talkative little boy, which is spot on! It was a looooong week for me being that I was missing my little boy all day and I had to sit through hospital and then nursing orientation...ugh. I loved going to pick him up every afternoon and was very excited to take him home. The separation wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, which was good.

Thursday, of this busy first work week, Jason jetted off to Cleveland Ohio for his friend Matt's wedding.

The wedding was Friday, and then Jason came back Saturday
afternoon to welcome our out of town visitors that were passing through: Grandpa Larsen, Aunt Barbie and Uncle Lance, Aunt Sue, Uncle Charlie and Jeffrey! It was great having family to entertain. Grandpa stayed with us Saturday night, which was a great excuse for me to deep clean the place and update all of my picture frames! The rest of the clan came over for dinner. I made spaghetti pizza (YUM!) with salad, garlic bread, and veggies. We had banana chocolate bread and cupcakes for dessert.

Sunday, we all met for lunch before the crew started their drive up to the midwest. It was SO great seeing them. It definitely reminded me about how much I miss seeing family. We are so thankful that they could stop for the weekend and see little Chase. I think Chase's favorite person was Jeffrey...Chase just loved him!

Amidst this hectic week, we introduced oatmeal to the Chase monster. He is still trying to get the hang of eating. Of course, I have a video :) Chase has learned to enjoy peek-a-boo!