Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Plaza Family Flies In!

Round #3 of Visitors: May 25th-30th

 With Eleanor's upcoming baptism, my sister Carolyn and her family scheduled a trip to the Larsen Household to kill 2 birds with 1 stone; visit the family/ watch Ellie get baptized!  They flew in on Wednesday afternoon.  To no one's surprise neither Chase or Claire ended up napping when they got here...they were MUCH too excited to sleep!  Bob jumped into the kitchen immediately and started cooking up a storm.  He made a plethora of fabulous meals!  He made chicken on the grill with a homemade peach barbecue sauce to go along with a fresh mozzarella and cucumber salad for dinner Thursday night- YUMMO!! 
the Plazas plus Chase and Ellie

Chase and Charlotte playing so well together

Claire checking out Eleanor

Thursday we decided to take the kids (minus Charlotte) to Discovery Place in Huntersville.  Discovery Place is an interactive childrens museum specifically geared at kids aged 2-8.  It was perfect and SUPER fun!  Obviously Claire and Chase had a ball...and so did Carolyn and I! 

Friday night we opted to go out to eat.  Now, this seemed like a good idea before we went because we had no room in the fridge, because of the baptism food, and I didn't really want to dirty up my clean kitchen before the big baptism day.  Why in our right minds did we ever think going out with 4 kids was going to be easy?!?  First of all, when we got to the restaurant,  there was a torrential downpour...quite possibly, the hardest and fastest rain I have ever seen.  Sweet...we were soaked.  Then, Eleanor thought that would be the perfect time to poop.  Later in the meal, Charlotte thought she should poop too.  And, of course, we picked a more adult friendly restaurant opting for better tasting food.  Therefore, no one wanted to sit by the table with all of the kids! (One group of people clearly elected to move tables so they were no longer by us)  On the plus side, although they were loud and obnoxious, Chase and Claire had a blast.  My favorite part was when Claire was feeding Chase...see picture below. Ahhh the memories!!

The cousins had lots of quality bonding time :)  Saturday, everyone went to the pool party at our neighborhood pool (minus Ellie and I...we were preparing for the party!)  I hear it was a blast!  The kids were very well entertained, and it definitely tired them all out!  They came back home and crashed.  Perfect timing, as we needed them well behaved for the baptism.
the line-up, oldest to youngest!
Charlotte and Eleanor in their matching gymboree outfits!

Ellie and Claire in their matching polo outfits!
Saturday night, we all headed to the 5:30pm mass for Ellie's baptism.  I will blog in more detail about her baptism later.

Sunday, the boys went to the Coca Cola 600 and Carolyn and I went out for a sister lunch while Marie watched the kids (thank you so much Marie!)  We first went to the tea room where, again, we sat at the exact same table as Mom/I and Grandma/I.  This is funny to me because there are 5 rooms in the tea room, each having approx 4 tables to a room...somehow I always end up in the same room at the same table!  After our stellar lunch, we picked up a couple of cupcakes at cupcrazed (another one of my favorite Fort Mill gems) and headed to Sixpence Pub for a glass of wine on the rooftop!

After our afternoon without children, we came home and decided to take Claire and Chase to the pool one more time.  Good times :)

It was sad to see them go Monday morning... hopefully they will be able to come back soon!!

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