Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just call me Martha!!!

Okay, okay...I will admit, I watch Martha Stewart on a daily basis. I actually have to DVR the show for those days I'm not able to be in front of the TV at 11am. Jason just loooooves when Martha puts a craft or food project in my head- it usually means I'll be spending more money, and there will be remnants of my project everywhere.

Well, in this case, she sparked my attention with a glittered magnetic canister Advent calendar. Part of this is Jason's fault, because HIS family is the one that is big on Advent calendars, and of course filling them up (usually with money). Therefore, I thought it would be incredibly awesome if I was able to make one to cherish for years to come. The way I see it, we'll probably have one little one for Chase, and one for the family. Considering this is in the kitchen, it may just become the family Advent for whoever gets to the day first!!!

Now, this project appeared much easier on Martha than it actually turned out to be....everything on her show is pre cut, pre glued, pre paid for. I on the other hand had to get the glitter, get special glue, buy ALL of the containers (although I had a few already....I love Ikea!) print, cut,'re getting the picture. It was all worth it in the end because now I have a beautiful Advent calendar for my refrigerator.... nevermind the thousands of tiny glitter pieces everywhere (This is Jason's favorite part) :)

Check it out for yourself! Finishing always gives me a sense of accomplishment.... Martha, your projects ARE possible!!! And did I tell you she also inspired me to make homemade marshmallow?!?! Next I'll be wanting to make my own pasta (only kidding....what an incredible waste of time)

All finished and looking awesome on the fridge!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Fun!

The first weekend in December, Jason, Chase and I had the pleasure of going to Summerville SC where our good friends Sara and Matthew live to meet their new little guy! Hunter Nicholas was born a little early on November 3rd (his due date was 12/14!) He is SUCH a doll!! See for yourself:

We got to spend that Sunday at Chuck and Dolly's house (Sara's parents) for a little post Thanksgiving Thanksgiving :) Chase LOVED the dogs, Jackson and Jasper. We had a great weekend trip, and always welcome the opportunity to come back!

The Larsens and The Easleys

Last weekend, Jason's legal coworkers had a Christmas shindig at Tshneka's house. It was wonderful to meet all those people I hadn't yet met. Chase was loving Kaylee, Gary's daughter. There was also a white elephant gift exchange... SO fun!

The Larsen Family in front of the tree!

Since we are going to Indiana for the holidays, I had to bake my cookies a little on the early side. They turned out awesome! I made stars and trees this year, as well as chocolate chip cookies (my husbands request) and homemade marshmallows (inspired by Martha!)

My cookie masterpieces

Homemade marshmallows...AWESOME in some hot chocolate!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Blog...a little late

Our Family!

Obviously, with the holidays quickly approaching, the month has gotten ahead of me and I have not had time to blog about everything going on recently! I will first rewind back to Thanksgiving. This year we had the privilege of hosting Jason's parents, Paul and Marie, as well as my Aunt Bun (Barbara) for the week. I was SO nervous about cooking in such a small kitchen and ruining the thanksgiving meal, but it all worked out GREAT! The only thing I wish I would've done differently was stuff the turkey a little less. I am pretty sure I had waaaaay too much stuffing in my bird, which caused the whole thing to cook slower, and therefore didn't come out in time. Luckily there wasn't too much of a delay, and I was able to scoop out the inside stuffing and cook it a little longer to make it work. There is always something to learn when cooking!!!

The best part of the week was having them here. Jason was able to take his dad to a Bobcats game, as well as the auto show! Marie and I went to the Southern Christmas Show and got LOTS of goodies!!! It's never good when you get two women ready to spend money in an expo full of Christmas stuff! Marie also took the reigns on taking care of Chase for the week. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE being a Mother. Getting to share special moments with Chase everyday is what I look forward to most. But with her around, Jason and I were able to get out of changing poopy diapers :) We even managed to squeeze in a movie date!!

Me, Jason and Aunt Bun posing with our silly name cards

My overstuffed bird...but it sure tasted great!!

Grandpa and Chase

My beautiful, and quaint table :)

The Grandparents saying goodbye!!