Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sponge.

Chase should really be nicknamed "The Sponge"...this kid can retain more information than unlike anything I have ever seen!  Of course, he is in that ripe age period of rapid learning and brain development... and boy does it show.  Preface to this video: Early in the day, around 11am, we went outside and Chase told me to write down several things on the driveway "Chase, Ellie, Kim, Jason, Aunt Carolyn, Claire, Charlotte, Uncle Bob, Spiderman, Turtle, Soccer, Goal, Grandma and Grandpa"  He can recognize all of his letters, so as I wrote he would tell me the letter.  Anyways, after our driveway was about 1/2 covered we moved onto playing with his bubbles and his red car and put the chalk away.  When we went back outside around 6:15 pm, Chase started first spelling out the words letter by letter, and then he would tell me what the word was- COMPLETELY UNASSISTED!!  I decided to quickly get the camera, and these were the last 4 words I could get him spelling and then identifying on camera.  How smart is this kid?!? 

Posted by one very proud Mom :)

Video of Eleanor and Chase Singing and Playing!

This past week, Chase was paying some serious attention to his sister.  So, I decided to capture it on video!  He also cooperated and sang a song for me...he LOVES to sing songs, but it usually has to be on his time...if you ask him to do it, 9 time out of 10 he will tell you "no"!  Loving these little moments with my munchkins :)  Hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Year High School Reunion

August 13th 2011, was my 10 year high school reunion.  It's hard to believe that 10 years ago I was a senior in high school....Chesterton High School Class of 2001- you rock!  I will let the pictures do the talking :)

My very very good friends! Alison, Beth, Mercedeh, Sandoval, Kelly, Megan, Bessie and I
My date for the night- Alison (and Doug)...Jason was stuck in SC with the kiddos!
Die Matchen reunion!!
posin' for a picture!!

Bessie and I!

my dates :)
Happy Eleanor and happy Great Grandma!!

Ellie and Aunt Bun

It was a fast, but fun weekend....CHS class of '01, see you in 10 or 15 more years :)

Claire Turns 3, Charlie turns 1!

I went home for my high school reunion (next blog) and we celebrated Claire and Charlotte's birthdays.  Claire turned 3 on August 15th and Charlie turned 1 on August 31st!  Happy birthday beautiful nieces :)

I also was able to see my other nieces, Larissa and Linette when the Coonce family so kindly came up for the weekend to meet Eleanor!  They also got to spend some family time in NW Indiana and at the beach!  It was great to see them, and I am so happy they could finally meet miss Ellie!!

Aunt Jessica and Eleanor

Linette and Ellie scoping each other out!

The Larsen cousins!

Carolyn, opening her birthday gifts...she turned 30, so she got 30 gifts from me!!

The sistas!

The girl cousins...we missed Chase!

Grandma, Eleanor and Aunt Bun

Kathryn put the whammy on Ellie

the cake....after Bob dropped 2 glasses on it.

getting ready to sing!

Charlie eating her cake...then she broke out in hives and ended up in the ER!
Claire modeling like a pretty princess!

Grandpa and Eleanor