Monday, June 6, 2011

Great Grandma Donna Visits!

Round #2 of visitors: May 19th-23rd

My wonderful Grandma, Donna Pleva, hadn't yet seen our place here in Fort Mill, and with the new arrival of Miss Eleanor Grace she couldn't wait to come and get her hands on her!  We had the pleasure of having her for a very nice long weekend visit. 

When Grandma arrived, she hit the ground soon as she got to the house her and I got back in the car and headed to the spa where we had scheduled a double massage/facial/pedicure session.  Of course, the treatments were just heavenly, but most of all I enjoyed being able to spend time with my Grandma- just Grandma and her Nina!
our matching toes!

Great Grandma, Chase and Ellie! 

On Friday we had a "girls day" and went out to the Savannah Room for a tea lunch!  Ellie was a perfect little angel and slept the whole time.  Grandma and I sat at the same table Mom and I had been at the previous week.  Once again, it was grand and we had a great time, just Grandma and her girls :)
Tea Time!

On Saturday, we wanted to do something fun, yet relatively relaxing, as a family.  So, at Latta Plantation they were having a World War 2 reenactment which we felt was just perfect!  We spent a couple of hours looking at the WW2 gear and checking out the plantation, then we found a picnic table and ate our picnic lunch.  Chase enjoyed ALL of it.  He was even able to see some horseback riders heading through the park. 
checking out the guns...boys.

lunch under the pavilion at a picnic table

Chase and I couldn't resist napping in the car

Saturday night we decided to check out the St Phillip Neri Italian Festival.  We perused the shopping while Chase tried a bounce house for a little while.  Ironically, this was one of the projected dates the world was suppose to end.  So at exactly 6 pm (right when we showed up) the DJ was playing "It's the End of the World As We Know It" by REM...too funny!  After our quick stop there, we went to Sixpense Pub for dinner!
dinner time!

Sunday was reserved for church.  Grandma, Eleanor and I  went to St Phillip Neri while Jason and Chase wanted to check out a "new church" down the road.  Jason enjoys contemporary church services, whereas I much prefer traditional Catholic Mass.  Every once in a while, Jason goes on a scavenger hunt trying to find a contemporary church that he may like.  I think Chase approved.  Chase had so much fun and now refers to St Phillip as "other church" and continues to ask for "new church".

After church we hit the neighborhood pool for a couple of hours for Eleanor's very first trip to the pool!!  It was a beautiful day in the sun...well, the shade with a baby...  Chase and Jason played in the pool the entire time.  Ellie and I took a short dip and then sat with Grandma watching the boys from our lounge chairs.

Mom, I am not too sure about this

the fam!

Grandma, and one very tired Eleanor

Grandma told me Ellie is going to be the next Cherry Queen!
Grandma surprised me with two more handmade creations while she was here.  The first was a quilt for Eleanor.  She has made blankets for all of her great grandbabies, so I was excited to get one for Ellie!  She also surprised me with matching aprons for Ellie and I.  Obviously, Ellie will need to be a little bigger before she gets to enjoy hers :)  They are cupcake material (RIGHT up my alley!) and I just LOVE them!  How creative...and just perfect for the baker that I am becoming.  Surely, Ellie will be a baking machine too!

Grandma and I and her works of art

Chase was dying to put the apron on

Monday came and it was time to say goodbye.  It is always hard to say goodbye, so of course, I cried.  I can't wait to see Grandma again when I come home in August for my high school reunion!

I have the EXACT same picture of Grandma with Chase when he was this age.

Saying goodbye!

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