Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Unfortunately, this year I had to work all weekend for Father's Day...therefore Jason, being awesome as always, didn't whine once about having to spend the entire weekend with the kids, pretty much solo.  I come out of the bedroom around 4pm and leave at 6pm for work, so there wasn't going to be much quality family time.  Now, it is my personal believe that no man should complain about watching his kids or consider it "babysitting" because most mothers do it a lot without complaint....though, I didn't think it was very fair that he wasn't getting any special treatment for Father's Day :(

Lucky for me, it was my call off day Saturday night- YAY! So it worked out that I was home (and awake most of the day) on Sunday.  We spent the morning with the kids, Jason opened his present-

A homemade platter for grilling with Eleanor and Chase's hand prints!  Whether he realizes it or not, he has received a personalized gift from a pottery painting store every Father's Day...why would I stop now!?  I also made him THE BEST chocolate chip cookies (his favorite) that Friday for him to enjoy over the weekend.

We worked on cleaning and organizing the garage that morning while Chase played outside and Ellie watched :)  And before I went to work, my master griller made bratwursts!  I love that we had such a great day and were able to spend some family time together.  Of course, I left for work that night at 6 pm so Jason was back to being a single parent but, he does such a fantastic job as a father so watching two kids is a piece of cake :)

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