Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our First Visit to the Dentist!

....well, Chase's first visit to the dentist!

here we go! June 22nd 2011
we had to check out the kids play area!
I am proud to report he has NO cavities!  Not that I expected him to.  We have been brushing every night for about a year and a half now.  He actually does a really great job at it, but Mommy and Daddy get our hands on the toothbrush pretty much every night before he hits the hay.  They told us first visits don't always go very well so he may not be able to have his teeth cleaned.  Some kids apparently just get the "tour" and meet the dentist.  The really stingy ones don't even open their mouths for a first peek!

Chase on the other hand was quite receptive to the whole idea.  Our hygienist first had him put gloves on his hands like her...this kept his fingers occupied and him entertained during this whole production!

putting on our gloves
he thought these were awesome!
He let the dental hygienist look, then scrape at his teeth, polish them with her special toothbrush (which Chase LOVED) and she gave him sips of water from her special water fountain...too cute!  She had him sitting upright at first for the cleaning, but seeing the few other kids lying down getting their teeth cleaned was all Chase needed to decide it was his turn to go horizontal in the chair too!

scraping away all of the germs
he's giving me the "mom, you're embarrassing me!!" look already!

he wanted a LOT of water from her special water fountain
laying down like the big kids
"Now I have clean teeth!! WOOHOO!"
This was a very fun milestone for Jason and I.  And, now we are officially brushing with kids fluoride toothpaste! YAY!!

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  1. Congrats to Chase on his first visit to the dentist! More importantly, congrats to him and his cavity-free teeth! That's certainly awesome news, a success during and after the visit. With a good starting record like that he'd be able to continue keeping his pearly whites nice and healthy!

    -Randy Deaver