Saturday, May 1, 2010

My GOLDEN Birthday!!!

Okay, for those of you that don't know what a golden birthday is, let me first start off with the definition: This is the day you turn the age of the date your birthday falls on... that doesn't sound as clear as it did in my head.  For instance: my birthday is April 27th and this year I turned 27.  My friend Sara's is next year when she will be 28 on May 28th....get it??  Well, when I was growing up in Chesterton Indiana, I don't know if just MY friends knew about and celebrated this, but somewhere along the line I began to believe this was a very big deal.  For a 9 or 10 year old kid, birthday #27 seems like it will never come, and you will be way too old to celebrate.  My wonderfully wonderful (yes, I just did that) husband, Jason, knew how important this special day is to me...I potentially mentioned it on our first date (kidding!)  Anyways, my parents Ann and Bruce came into town this past Saturday.  I picked them up from the airport at noon with Chase in tow, and when we arrived home, much to my surprise Sara, Matthew and Hunter (my wonderfully wonderful best friends) were there for a surprise party!  Jason had planned, and sent out Evites (which I was super impressed with) to make my special, once in a lifetime, birthday absolutely perfect!!!  It was just awesome.  Of course, My parents had just gotten into town, so that was awesome, the Easley's came from Charleston for the occasion, as well as my good friend from work Susie and her some Liam, and Dolly, Greg and their two girls.  Jason got our new grill (thanks again Carolyn and Bob) going with brats and hamburgers which was perfect because it turned out to be a great afternoon!  He also got me a cake!  Really, it was so thoughtful of him to put the party together, and so gracious for everyone to take time out of their Saturday to come and spend it with me!  A great start to an awesome week!!

 Me and my cake!

 Sara, Matthew and Hunter

 The Joines', The Larsen's, The Golden's, and The Easley's!

 Me, Chase and Grandma

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