Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day

This year we were fortunate enough to spend Mother's Day in Indianapolis!!  We had a very relaxing day... Paul made breakfast that morning, Chase fell asleep on me (which he NEVER does!) for a whole hour during nap time, Jason took me to Cafe Patachou for lunch, AND my dad drove through town to do some grandpa bonding with Chase followed my a daddy/daughter dinner at an awesome seafood restaurant.  Here are some pics from the great day!!
greatest Mother's Day gift EVER!
Hanging out on the lawn with Linette
Looks like the Big Wheel was a success!!
Grandpa, Me, Mr Chase and Jason posing for a shot


  1. Your dad looks just as I remember him, Kim!

  2. yes, he still looks the same. And, can I tell you, Sara and I were JUST reminiscing about my bday party at his house and playing chubby bunnies! How fun! :)