Monday, May 3, 2010

The Anderson family comes for a visit

        After my surprise birthday celebration, on Sunday we were having visitors that I knew about it town.  The Anderson family came to see our new house and enjoy Mom and Bruce's company as well.  Before they arrived Sunday afternoon, Jason, Mom, Bruce and I all had our long runs to get done.  I did 11 miles, Jason did 12, and Mom and Bruce did 13....ouch!  It was a little rough.  The half marathon is May 8th and I'm starting to get nervous!!!  Anyways, they live in Greenville SC which is just a couple hours west of Fort Mill, so it was very nice of them to make the trip!  Jackie is my mom's cousin and my Godmother. 

Alicia, Mom, Jackie, Haley, and I spending some time in the hot sun!
Grandma helping Chase up the swingset
Haley and Chase going for a ride down the slide

We played a great game of Apples to Apples while the lasagna was baking in the oven.  I just LOVE this game, and it really was great to play with so many people, and of all age groups!
Of course we had to get some family pictures
Chase was being very silly!!

       It was such a great visit and I am so thankful they were able to make the trip.  I know Mom and Bruce were also very glad they were able to see the Anderson family....twice in one year!!  Haley and Alicia didn't know we live so close to the amusement park, Carowinds, which happens to be about 5 miles from our I hope they will come back in the fall so we can all go together!!!

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