Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Had a BLAST with Grandma and Grandpa...sad to see them go!!!

As discussed in the last couple blogs, my parents Ann and Bruce came Saturday April 24th for a visit.  We had such a GREAT time!!!  Mr. Fix It, Bruce, graciously spent a lot of time this week working on our honey do list of things we have not been able to get to (and quite frankly, Bruce can do better and much more efficiently!)  Mom and I spent our days shopping and entertaining Chase :)  I don't remember the last birthday I spent with my parents, so it was great to have them around to celebrate!  

As always, I am sad to see them go!!  I want them to move to South Carolina (come on Mom, Sun City Lakes!) SOOO badly.  Carolyn and Katie need to jump on the Carolinas boat to make their decision easier.  Luckily, we will see them this coming weekend for the mini marathon in Indy, but then we will have to wait another 7 months until Christmas to see them again...I am sure there will be some tears.  

Anyways, I just can't thank them enough for coming and for everything they have done, given, and shared with us....we LOVE YOU!!

Some pictures from their visit:
  Jason and I at my birthday dinner at The Fish Market, in Baxter.
Mom and Bruce
my birthday present.  A specially made beach glass bracelet from some of the beach glass mom and Bruce have found at the Dunes over the years...a piece of home to always have with me :)
This is what Chase and Daddy were doing while we waited for our food...what goons :)
What a nice family dinner!
Grandpa working on some hanging projects
The three runners after the Waxhaw town and country 5k Bruce decided we should all sign up for.  No matter where he is, he will always find a race to run!
Mom was a champ! She got 2nd overall in the Womens Masters division....beaten by 8 seconds by a lady 8 years younger than her....quite amazing! What a speed racer :)
Love you!
See you in a week!!

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