Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Since the new year has begun, I figured I would also get a fresh start on my blogging... Clearly, it has been a while... So, my official New Year's Resolution: be a better blogger in 2011!

Since 2011 just began, I really only have one thing to blog about- Christmas, of course!  We headed to Chesterton Indiana for the week of Christmas, but before we went we were able to enjoy "Carolina Christmas" in Concord NC together as a family.  It was held at the Speedway and is the largest lights display in the US!  VERY cool to say the least.  Reynolds Park was child's play in comparison!  I now have a new favorite standard to go by when it comes to lights displays.  Along with the lights display, there was also a Christmas carnival going on.  Chase was able to enjoy a few fun rides and a real live Bethlehem Village Nativity (complete with camels, sheep and ox)  SUPER fun!  I hope we make it back next year!!
 Carousel Fun with Mommy!
Cars going around in a circle, what could be better?!

That same weekend, we celebrated Christmas with Sara, Matthew, and Hunter who came up to spend the night with us.  It was so much fun watching the boys open gifts!  Of course, this mommy wasn't so prepared with her camera and missed out on some serious Kodak moments...thankfully, Aunt Sara took some :)

Chase also "opened" the tool bench gift that he got from grandma and grandpa Larsen.  He absolutely LOVES it!

On the 23rd we packed up our (very heavy) suitcases and flew to Chesterton Indiana!  This is our last trip home for quite some time, so we definitely tried to make the most of it and see as many people as we could.  Christmas Eve was spent at my Aunt Claudia's and Uncle Pete's house... a tradition for several years now.  Chase had a blast and thought his cousin Jonah was just the coolest!  We had great food and so much fun with the family!
 Grandpa, Me, Chase and Jason
 Grandpa and Chase
 Chase and his new BFF, Jonah
Great Grandpa, Chase and I

After Aunt Claudia's, we dropped off sleepy Chase and Daddy, and Dad and I went to midnight mass to watch my mom sing in the choir (and praise the birth of our Lord of course!!)  It was beautiful music and a great end to the evening!

Christmas was spent at my mom's house.  Great Grandma and Grandpa came over with Aunt Bun, along with Uncle Rob, Katie and Aaron.  We had a fun time watching Chase rip through present after present... he was mostly interested in opening the gifts.  As he started he would say "let's see what's inside!"  Of course, as soon as it was opened, the novelty wore off and he was onto his next unwrapping adventure... too cute!  Sadly, I got NO pictures of great gma and gpa with Chase, or Uncle Aaron and Aunt Katie... this is what happens when you have pregnancy brain and chase around a nearly 2 year old!
 Chase admiring the Bears hat that Aunt Katie knitted!
A very tired Chase, and Mommy

Grandma and Grandpa Larsen came up on the 26th to spend a couple of days with Chase!  Of course, crazy Grandma jumped right in and took Chase out to play in the snow.  He enjoyed it as long as he didn't touch it with his bare hands.  Several times he told us how cold the snow was.  We had a mini Larsen Christmas exchange and watched Chase open more fun presents!  It was really awesome of Jason's parents to come up and see us while we were home since we were so close!  Thankfully, grandma and grandpa will be coming for Chase's birthday in January, so we will be seeing them again soon!
 Both crazy grandmas with Chase
 First, grandma brought the snow into Chase
then we finally made it outside!

We spent another day with my dad hanging out and eating amazing food.  Then spent another day with my mom and Bruce going to Bellaboo's and Family bowling.  Along the week, I hit the outlet mall for some shopping and Jason and I got to go on TWO dates: Wagner's Ribs one night, and Lucrezia's and saw The Tourist the second night.  We haven't been to a movie in over a year, so it was nice to go!  I know I will miss being home for a long while, but we were all ready to come back to our lives here in SC.  
 Chase LOVED the train room...we visited it twice
 Mommy loved the grocery shopping area :) SO cute!
 the water table, where we stayed surprisingly dry
 Mommy Chase and Gma at "cooking in the kitchen" as Chase enjoys the snack he made!
 attempt #107 at a family picture... all failed
Grandpa and Bear at Family Bowling!

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