Monday, January 31, 2011

Chase's 2nd Birthday/Jason's Surprise Birthday Party!!

Let me start off by saying that I cannot believe I have a 2 year old already.  Time really does fly.  I also cannot believe how smart he is!  He can say the ABC's, can point out to all of the letters in his own name, counts to 20, and knows tons and tons of words (and more and more each day)!  He weighs 25 pounds and is 34.5 inches long with a 19 inch head (I use my blog to remember things... so I have to blog these important facts).  He is an incredibly spunky and active kid with a huge personality for sure!

Okay...enough bragging :)  Chase's birthday was the 28th of January, and so we had planned on having his football themed party here at the house on the 29th.  What Jason didn't know, is that we would also be celebrating his 30th birthday, which is coming up around the corner on February 15th.  I started working on this project before Christmas, picking the theme and who we were planning on inviting, and making the invitations.  With a little bit of creativity and help from google searching, I was able to pull off my creative vision for the football "ticket" invitations (which Jason saw and knew about) and then the special "VIP passes" to notify people of Jason's birthday surprise.
 This is a copy of the invitation... included info on the "game time", RSVP to "coach" Larsen, wear your favorite team colors or jersey, at Larsen Stadium, and a failure to RSVP will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct.
This was the additional lanyard VIP pass notifying people of the Jason portion of the party

The party was a work in progress over the month of January because I made many of my own banners to customize the party and keep costs down, as well as making my own cakes and cupcakes.  I definitely had to do a practice run cake, as it was the first time I used a Wilton pan, and made a chocolate cake from scratch.  Luckily, my creations all turned out fabulously!  

Chase went to preschool on Friday the 28th to celebrate his big day with his school friends, so Mommy worked hard baking and decorating ALL day.  I was beginning to think how silly it was putting up all of these crazy decorations, until I picked Chase up from school... he came in the front door, gasped with wide eyes and shouted, "It's a birthday party!!"  Of course we were all very excited to hear his excitement and this Mommy knew right then and there that the party, all of my planning, and hard work were more than worth it.  Obviously, he will not always be a little boy and give me such a genuine reaction of happiness...I will cherish this birthday memory forever!
 These were my "penalty flag" lollipops...which are blowpops wrapped in yellow napkins
 the cupcakes
 made to look like grass
 this was a home made decoration. Little "D fence" signs interchanged with football plays on the football field
 the cakes!

 the food spread, complete with hand made pennant signs!

 the other side of the food spread
a family picture of the ref, birthday boy, and "coach"
singing happy birthday!! YAY!
Eating an extra large piece of chocolate cake...he devoured it!!
 the dining room and all the presents!
some penalty flags strung about for decor
 Some more decorative penalty flags

 Jason's gift from me.... four boxes of Count Chocula which is IMPOSSIBLE to find!
 Thankyou, Hometown Favorites!
He had to have a bowl IMMEDIATELY!

Such a great birthday party all around!!!  We were so blessed to have over 50 of our friends and family to celebrate for the occasion, including Jason's parents and grandpa Larsen who were able to come spend a few days with us for the big occasion.  It really was SO much fun!!  Football themed birthday party = success!!

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