Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday MOM!

50 years old, and now 50 years wise... On August 22, 2010, my Mom turned 50!  To celebrate this momentous occasion she ran 18 miles with her running group.  She is training for the Chicago Marathon (race day is 10-10-10).  Of course, we all have our travel limitations and living in SC has made it quite difficult in trying to decide when to come home, what occasions to make, how to say no, etc.  We did not make it home for her big birthday (as we did my Dad's last year).  So, in order to commemorate her big day, my sisters and I gave her very thoughtful gifts.

I headed up the creativity committee assembling a scrapbook of her life, which turned out AWESOME!  Carolyn headed up the jewelry committee and picked out a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a few charms.  Katie gave the overall approval of this big "sisters" gift :)

Of course, before I shipped off my masterpiece, I took pictures for you all to see! 

Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. What a beautiful scrapbook! I wish I was that creative! Happy Belated Birthday, Ann!