Friday, January 7, 2011

A Day In the Life of Chase Larsen

My child is a wild maniac pretty much 90% of the day.  When daddy gets home from work, Chase is all about running around, acting crazy, and rough housing.  Here is a little video of our evening last night... pretty typical Chase around 7 pm!  He likes to sing, so I had him do a few songs, and of course, we get him talking about his baby sister :)  Yesterday afternoon, Chase refused to nap and by the end of the "nap" he was calling for Mommy.  After a few minutes of "Mommy" Chase totally surprised me and changed it up with "Kim... Kim.... Kim!..."  I thought it was hilarious!  Who knew that he knows my name is Mommy and Kim.  So when I went in there, I asked him if he knew Daddy's name...sure enough, he said "Jason" like, duh Mom.  I had him repeat it for Jason prior to taping, and he said it, but of course would not say it for me when I was taping...still hilarious :) Super cute for a 23 month old, I think!

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