Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time for A Big Boy Bed!

We have hit another milestone with Chase... a big boy bed!  Seeing that his baby sister was coming shortly, we wanted to get him out of the crib and into his own bed in order to transition the crib to her.  My wonderful sister passed on some great advice to pack up the crib out of Chase's site for at least a month so there is no association with it being his crib when the baby takes over.  So far so good!  He hasn't asked about his crib once! 

Thankfully, when Jason's parents came down for Chase's birthday, they also brought with them a very old, yet very well constructed set of bunk beds and matching dresser and desk.  Now, apparently, Jason got this set used when he was a little boy... who knows how old it really is.  Clearly, they don't make furniture like they use to...this set is rock solid and in excellent shape! 

Chase was a little too excited when his mattresses finally came.  His bed wasn't ready to be slept in until 10pm.  I think because it was so late, and Chase was SO tired, this was a bad first night to try out the bed.  There was also no gate at his door keeping him in his room.... around 11:30pm, he ended up back in the crib for a night.  Every other night since (we started officially February 10th) he has gone to bed and been taking naps in his bed without difficulty.  We do have a gate at his door because he is deathly afraid of a closed door... something I will start doing early with Baby Ellie.  For now it works!  Here are some pictures of the occasion:

 Very excited when he first got in!
 Let's not forget our blankey....
 and our 12 other toys/animals...
A picture of him really sleeping the other day during nap time... so cute!

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