Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Visiting the Plaza's in Boston!!

This past weekend, Chase and I ventured to Boston Massachusetts to see Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Bob and cousin Claire! It was an adventurous ride getting there, unfortunately. To start, we boarded our plane, and then proceeded to pull away from the gate and sit on the tarmac for an hour!! This did not make me happy at all, because I of course completely planned out Chase's nap around the Chase was sleeping the hour we were waiting to take off. AND the pilot turned the plane off to conserve fuel while I held my hotter than blazes baby. To top of the trip I sat next to a baby hater!! Seriously, he roled his eyes when he saw he was sitting next to us, and didn't say one word to us the entire flight. This really made the whole flight miserable...people can be SO rude!! I realize an infant isn't an ideal flying buddy, but have a little heart, will ya??

Anyways, the weekend was fabulous! We were able to spend quality time with Grandpa Phil, Claire, Uncle Bob and Aunt Carolyn. Grandpa and I were there to celebrate Carolyn's 28th birthday on Friday. We ate great food and enjoyed each others company. On Saturday morning Chase and I watched Claire learn to swim at her lesson! She is going to be a swi
mmer natural like her mother!

Claire's swim lesson video!

Chase in the door bouncy video!

Sunday, Claire and Chase
had their pictures taken together. Chase is 6 months old and Claire is almost a year. Here is the link to those pictures. They will only be up for a couple of months. Unfortunately, little Claire was just beginning her battle with hand foot mouth disease. She wasn't feeling so great on Monday, but is fully recovered now!! It really was a great weekend, and so great to see my family!! The other pictures I took can be found here

Next up: more visitors from parents!!! woohoo :)

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