Monday, July 13, 2009

Sitting Up!!

We have reached a milestone...Chase can sit up!! We have been trying for a couple weeks now to get him to sit on his own without toppling over, and haven't been too successful. But, alas, yesterday he proved to us he can indeed sit :) He is also mastering the art of tummy time (and actually seems to be enjoying it) as well as talking and recognizing his favorite toys. I have a feeling he is going to be a lot like his parents... an energetic and bubbly, talking boy. Jason and I have already decided he's going to be the kid that comes home on the first day of school with the note "Chase is a very good boy, but he does an awful lot of socializing during class!" It is SO much fun to watch him grow and learn everyday. Based on everyone else's reactions, it looks like we have one of the bigger babies on the block. He goes to the doctor for his 6 month check up July 30th...I think he's around 18 pounds...

I am done orienting in special maternity care and have now moved to orientation in labor and delivery. So far so good! I really like my preceptor, which always makes things easier. As I have said before though, it is never easy being the "new girl"

Jason is great too...loves his job still, so that is a plus!

We miss everyone. I am feeling mildly homesick this week, but I am sure this soon will pass :) Enjoy this quick video of our new sitting skills:

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  1. Yea for Chase! That was too cute when he toppled over at the end!