Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I've been a bad blogger...

Well, I guess in every bloggers blogging career, there is some point where we all poop out on blogging for a while. Could it be because we are overloaded with so many other things?? I am going to go with that...

The Larsen Family here in hot and humid NC had visitors this past month! My parents, Ann and Bruce Deckard, ca
me for a partial week here then off to Boston to see Claire. Of course, the week they came it was blazing hot (which was perfect for my lizard-like parents) but we had a good time. They took Chase to the pool and bought him a new pool toy. We needed a floating device for him, so appropriately, Grandma found him a car floaty for the pool!
Bruce played home improvement like he always does when visiting and fixed something for me. We desperately needed Chase's dresser fixed (for some reason the drawers wouldn't pull out!) and of course, he knew exactly what needed to be done right away. I have been living with faulty dresser drawers for 7 months! eek. Thank you Bruce for your amazing fix job!!

We also went to Greensville SC to visit my mom's cousin, and my Godmother, Jackie Anderson for the day and her family. We did some eating, swimming, and much needed socializing while there. Mo
m and I took a much needed shopping trip to the outlet mall while Bruce fixed yet another thing...our remote control (He claims he was bored, I am pretty sure he enjoys this crap)

There was lots of good eating (I made some pretty stellar dinners!) and awesome quality bonding. I can't wait for their next visit!!


  1. Way to jump back on the blogging train! I took almost a month off and am glad to be back on the wagon. :) Can't wait to see you!!!

  2. I am glad to see you wrote again. I was missing reading about what is going on in the Larsen household.