Monday, May 25, 2009

Off to Charleston We Go!!

This weekend we decided to go visit my great friends Sara and Matthew who live just outside Charleston SC. We had a great weekend! It was great to see Sara and Matthew's new house- it is beautiful! Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Isle of Palms Beach for a little fun in the sun. With great weather, and great company, we enjoyed our time at the beach! Chase even tried out his water wings in the Atlantic. Later, we had lunch at a park near the water in the city. Of course, we couldn't leave without doing some quick window shopping and then finishing off the day with some Kilwins! I learned two things during this adventure, #1: take an umbrella to the beach next time to shade Chase...human shading gets old #2: don't forget the stroller...15 pounds of baby gets heavy after a while! Saturday night Matthew made italian beef which was great, and Sara and I made cupcakes :)

Sunday was a lazy day. It rained the majority of the day, so we spent the day watching races/movies and munching on goodies! Thankfully, it cleared up in the evening, so Matthew was able to grill burgers and brats...yum! One of the best parts of the weekend was when Chase laughed for the first time. I mean, he really cackled. Jason, of course, was the entertainment. Luckily, we got a little clip of it on video for your enjoyment! (see below)

Monday morning, we packed up and headed back to reality, but we had a great weekend while it lasted!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the video! Babies laughing are one of my favorite sounds. I watch video clips online of babies laughing b/c it's just too funny.

    Don't forget to check out our blog...there are lots of new ones:

    Miss you!

  2. Such a happy baby. Great outfit too!!!

  3. Yes! I'm glad my video was a success! I'm so happy were able to spend time together. Can't wait to see you soon!