Friday, July 15, 2011

They Grow Up TOO FAST!

My nearly 4 month old is growing too quickly.  I do love the stage Chase is at, but I wish I could slow Ellie down a bit...things just seem to be happening way faster than I remember.  They say that girls tend to hit their milestones faster than boys, and that your second child will advance faster than the first, but really.  It seems like I had her yesterday and only a blink of time has gone by.  Is it because we are just all together busier on a day to day basis?  Whatever the reason, although I am SO happy to watch her grow, I am sad to see it all go by so quickly!

A lesson for myself: take more pictures and WAY more video!  It's hard to believe this is really the first "Eleanor" video I have taken :(   This was taken about a week ago.  She's a talker- just like her brother!! :)

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