Thursday, April 21, 2011

My first month of being a mother of TWO!!

I am happy to report, I have far :)  This double duty business is definitely a little more challenging, but also quite fun.  Ellie turned 1 month old on April 17th, and for her first month of life we really have been busy!  Chase is busy being a big brother... and a great one at that!  I find him consoling her without my help (he gives her her pacifier or "shhh"es her when she is crying while rubbing her head), explaining things to her, and he even asks her at night to sing our Amen song with Jason and I... too cute!

Marie came to visit for a week and a half, and while I enjoyed having the help around, Chase enjoyed playing with his Grandma... and boy can he play hard!  He ran her ragged and Grandma ran him ragged.  It was so much fun to have her here!
 Ellie's first bath
Chase and Grandma working on planting flowers for Mommy!
 Mommy and Chase making daddy's favorite dessert...caramel bars
Grandma and her grand babies!!

Shortly after Marie came, my dad arrived for a little visit and bonding time.  Chase once again took full advantage of having Grandpa here and kept him busy with quality play play play time!!  It was a lot of fun having my dad around.  Of course, I got to reap the benefits of his AMAZING cooking skills... yuuumm!!  I ate like a queen with Dad around- it was bliss!

 Thanks for the wagon, lets go take it for a ride!
Dad and Ellie

We also had Kelly and Bessie stop by for a night on their way back to Indiana...  it was really great to see them, and Kelly was able to get some great photos of my children! 
 My sleepy Little Miss
Classic Chase... pouts with the best of 'em!

All in all, a really great first month as a mother of 2... I truly feel blessed!

Yay! I'm a month old!!

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