Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Family of 3 Will Soon Be 4!!

Well, it is about 1:45 am and I was only able to sleep for a couple hours...now, of course, I am wide awake.  Probably because I am getting anxious about our very fast approaching induction.  I go into the hospital at 7 pm tonight (the 16th) to be induced and have a baby *hopefully* on the 17th!  These last couple of days have been emotional ones.  I cried the other night before work, and then at work... I just can't believe we are going to be a family of FOUR!  I look at how much Chase has grown in what seems like and very short 2 years, and it is truly amazing... I am SO excited to be the mother of a precious little girl, and cannot WAIT to see how it will be (and what she will look like)!

Today, during normal daytime hours, Chase and I will be spending the day together before I have to go into the hospital.  Although we are together at home every Wednesday and Thursday, I never before have been looking so forward to spending a day with my son.  It will be our last day for one on one quality time... and the last day he is an only child.  I am getting choked up just thinking about it.  At 4 pm tomorrow when we part ways, I just know there will be tears!

Tears or no tears, I am ready!  And this is such an exciting day!!  I can't wait to meet her.  I promise to take lots of pictures, and of course, blog about her arrival :)  Until then...

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  1. Good Luck Kimmy! Have a fun day with Chase!! He is going to be a great big brother!! This is all so exciting!! Can't wait to see you and meet Ellie!! :)