Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Call Me Martha...

These last few weeks, I have been feeling quite crafty and organizational... I guess we can call that my personal version of nesting.  I have been cleaning things like the plantation blinds, curtains, organizing closets and drawers, and diligently scrubbing away at the bathrooms about every other day.  I am a clean freak regardless of pregnancy, but clutter and dirtiness seem to REALLY bother me these days... ask Jason, I have threatened him several times over the piles and messes of his stuff.  Luckily, he is being quite the trooper and calmly says, "okay, I will do it... and what should I do next?"  I really appreciate his willingness/readiness to help get everything ready around this place.  How can a family of 3.75 have so much stuff!?! 

I digress... my crafty side has also peaked its little head out.  Pre-children, I was quite crafty.  I kept up on my scrapbooking, cooking, baking and other miscellaneous projects.  Having a 2 year old definitely limits my Martha Stewart time, BUT I was able to get a very simple project accomplished a couple of weeks ago.  I made 2 diaper wreaths!  One for Eleanor (I used this as my "test" wreath to see how it would turn out... and I wanted something pretty to hang on MY hospital door and home) and one for Lucas, Michelle from work's unborn little boy!  We are due just 2 days apart, so I thought this would be just perfect.  It was surprisingly super easy to make! 

I have discovered I do not like printed diapers for decorative projects like this... so at babies r us, they sell seventh generation (who knew they made diapers?!) diapers.  They are more of an offwhite natural color, but have no gaudy prints on them...yay!  a little ribbon, paint, and cute baby items and you have yourself a diaper wreath.  I highly recommend trying this out.  On the difficulty scale, 0-10, it really is maybe only a 2!  No excuses and it's SUPER cute!  Check them out:

 The empty space on the bottom is for her stats when she comes out!

 The one I made for Lucas... don't mind the misspelling, I have since fixed my pregnancy brain error!

Hanging on her bedroom door!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! You did such a great job! My bff just found out she's expecting~how cute would this be as a little congrats gift?!?! You'll have to share how to make it ;)