Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just call me Martha!!!

Okay, okay...I will admit, I watch Martha Stewart on a daily basis. I actually have to DVR the show for those days I'm not able to be in front of the TV at 11am. Jason just loooooves when Martha puts a craft or food project in my head- it usually means I'll be spending more money, and there will be remnants of my project everywhere.

Well, in this case, she sparked my attention with a glittered magnetic canister Advent calendar. Part of this is Jason's fault, because HIS family is the one that is big on Advent calendars, and of course filling them up (usually with money). Therefore, I thought it would be incredibly awesome if I was able to make one to cherish for years to come. The way I see it, we'll probably have one little one for Chase, and one for the family. Considering this is in the kitchen, it may just become the family Advent for whoever gets to the day first!!!

Now, this project appeared much easier on Martha than it actually turned out to be....everything on her show is pre cut, pre glued, pre paid for. I on the other hand had to get the glitter, get special glue, buy ALL of the containers (although I had a few already....I love Ikea!) print, cut,'re getting the picture. It was all worth it in the end because now I have a beautiful Advent calendar for my refrigerator.... nevermind the thousands of tiny glitter pieces everywhere (This is Jason's favorite part) :)

Check it out for yourself! Finishing always gives me a sense of accomplishment.... Martha, your projects ARE possible!!! And did I tell you she also inspired me to make homemade marshmallow?!?! Next I'll be wanting to make my own pasta (only kidding....what an incredible waste of time)

All finished and looking awesome on the fridge!


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