Saturday, October 17, 2009

Visit to the PUMPKIN PATCH!!!

Today, Jason Chase and I packed up the car for the morning and headed to Midland, NC to Riverbend Farms. It came as a recommendation from one of the girls I work with as a beautiful place to go and pick pumpkins! Although it was a little chilly, it put us in the pumpkin picking spirit...after all, fall is suppose to be a little brisk! It has been a little rainy here over the past few days, so thankfully there was no rain in today's forecast. We opted to take the opportunity, bundle up, and pick some pumpkins with Chase for the very first time! To no one's surprise, Chase had a great time. There was plenty to see, touch, and even taste..... he thought the pumpkin stem was for eating! Check out the picture to see all of the fun we had:

Arriving at the farm

on the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch!

Chase was very interested in everything we passed during the ride

We tried the pumpkin out as a seat

Here he is sporting his Wittenberg hat because it was so chilly. Jason's good friend (and huge OSU fan) Andrea got this for Chase. Ironically, the first time he wore this, which was today, PURDUE bear OSU!! Go Boilers :)

Mommy loving on Chase

Oh, a stem!

Chase and Daddy checking out the tractor. He LOVED the tractor...I hope this doesn't mean he plans on being a farmer.

Chase and Daddy checking out the pony!

Chase wanted to get down and play in the hay with the rest of the kids.

Family picture to commemorate the day!

Chase and Mommy

Chase eating the stem of the pumpkin...this cannot be good for him

Chase sitting on the gigantic pumpkin

He is being supervised in this picture.

Chase and Daddy checking out the huge cow!!

Chase and Bailey bonding during nap time

Chase on the move in his cute Halloween PJs

Hi Mom.

Chase quickly learned how to pull himself to a standing position.

Chase thought playing with Bailey was fun

Bailey, on the other hand, thinks they are fighting....


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for the update. I check your blog frequently, so keep them coming!

  2. Wonderful pictures. The Witt hat is the best especially since it matches my middle name. This proves it...... I am his favorite uncle.

    Looks like you are enjoying family life. Keep up the good work.

    Uncle Pete

  3. We can't believe Chase is standing! He looks so strong and happy - a testament to his awesome parents! Oh and Kim, sorry about the Bears' loss today . . . but I just can't help it that my Bengals are finally kicking booty! :) Who Dey! (he, he) Miss ya'll