Friday, October 30, 2009

Master Pumpkin Carver

This past Saturday, Jason and I thought it would be fun to decorate pumpkins for Halloween. After all, we are having a party...what would a Halloween party by without pumpkins?!? It would've been nice to do this fun activity with Chase, but he is just too little and putting WAY too much in his mouth. Due to the choking hazard nature of this activity, we opted to carve these when Chase was asleep. It was really nice to do something together at night other than our usually nightly routine (a.k.a television) Jason wanted to make a traditional jack-o-lantern face, and I wanted to do a cool pattern! My patterned one says "Welcome" for when our party guests arrive. For the third pumpkin, I had the awesome idea of finding a Lions and Bears logo to put on the pumpkin. Jason is a Lions fan, and I am a Bears fan. Chase is also known as "Bear" by Grandpa and Grandma because of their love for the Bears... so obviously, Chase is on Mommy's side and roots for the Bears. Here are some picture of our pumpkin carving fun!!

Check back at the end of the weekend for an update on how the Halloween party went!! Have a spooktacularly safe and fun weekend!

Working very diligently on my "Lions vs Bears" pumpkin!

Bailey was supervising this project...

As you can see, I did the masterful artwork

Being very careful not to mess up the pattern!

My Pumpkin creation

Jason's pumpkin creation

My pumpkin creation

Daddy and Chase in their matching Halloween garb. I made Jason's jack-o-lantern shirt...thank you Michaels!

Chase was very infatuated with the camera in my hand... I would back up, and he would come crawling to play with my flashing gadget :) He is addicted to electronics with lights!!

Chase and I were playing on the floor, so I decided to snap a few of the smiley little guy....we are officially 9 months old!!!

Here is Chase... passed out, showing off his pumpkin butt

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  1. aww! look at those 'em! great job on the pumpkin carving!