Monday, October 5, 2009

Dad's 50th Birthday Party

For the past 11 months, Carolyn and I have been working tirelessly with my Dad's friends Kirk and Gary on planning a surprise party for his big 50th birthday. On September 26th, the day had finally arrived and we were able to celebrate! It was SO great to be back home again in Chesterton, if only for a few days. I am so thankful so many people were able to come. We had about 60 people show, so Carolyn and I thought it was a huge success. Dad's real birthday is October 28th, so we did it a little early. Apparently, people have been wishing him a happy birthday, so he was a little suspicious that his friends were doing something for his birthday. He had NO idea it was going to be this big, and of course that his family, friends and coworkers would be there. He also had no idea that Carolyn and I would be there... so it definitely was a surprise success!

Here are some pictures from the event:

Gary's decoration magic

The beautiful mantel

His first reaction...Surprise!!

The cake. Both of these cars are mustangs-the green one he use to have, and the red one he has now....thankyou SO much Chesterton Cake Shoppe. It looked FABULOUS and tasted just wonderful! :)

Carolyn, Kim, and Dad

I designed this cake... Yes, I am bragging :)

Dad and Chase

One of the coolest gifts, an authentic Cubs Jersey with his name on the back. He has some awesome coworkers!!

Dad and I

Of course, being home for the weekend we were able to quality bond with Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Bob, Claire and Grandma and Grandpa. We also went to visit Great Gma, Great Gpa and Aunt Bun. Great Gma has been recovering for the past couple of weeks from a major surgery. Unfortunately, she has mesothelioma. The surgery was a doozie, but she is recovering well. I was able to stay home an extra couple of days (sans Jason and Chase) and be grandma's nurse/maid. It was so great to spend that extra time with her....I can't wait to come back for Christmas!!

Grandpa and Chase

Aunt Bun and Chase... looks like they might be catelog shopping??

Great Gpa and Chase

Great Gma and Chase

Jason and I ate out "cake topper" while we were home, so we did a little recreation of the cutting of the cake from our wedding.

Family Love

Grandma and Jason

Of course, when dad knew we were home for the weekend, he cleared his schedule and made us dinner on Sunday night! Dad is the best cook I know, so having a Phil Chase meal is ALWAYS a bonus! Chase and Jason were gone, but the Plaza's were there. It was wonderful to talk about life, the kids, and of course the PARTY!

Dad and Daughters

Grandma reading to Claire before bed

Claire has made it very clear that Grandpa is her favorite...The were bonding on the floor

I caught some great footage of Chase and Great Grandpa giving him a little man to man talk, so I thought I would share :)

I also caught some great video of Great Grandma and Chase... She is the best!

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