Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day in Indianapolis!!

Jason, Chase and I flew back to Indianapolis Indiana on Friday September 4th for Labor Day weekend. Of course, we wanted to see Jason's family and many of our friends, but we were brought back by Dave and McKenze's wedding, which was on Saturday. Dave went to high school and law school with Jason, so we really felt it was important to be there. We are so glad we did!

Friday, Marie was able to spend lots of quality bonding time with Chase without anyone else around! It was so much fun just to relax in the living room and chat like we use to do before we moved. Friday night, the Coonce family came over for family dinner...something that use to be a weekly occurrence. Larissa was SO excited to see Uncle Jason, and "Miss" Kim (we are still working on the Aunt part) She is growing up so fast! It really is amazing how much kids change in a matter of months! Larissa got a baby sister in June, so we also had the priveledge of meeting Linette (I don't have a picture...I have NO idea how this happened.... I will get one up soon!) She is definitely a fussy baby. From what I hear, way more fussy than Larissa was, so that is an adjustment. But she is cute!!!

Saturday afternoon, our good friends Ryan and Amy Abell and their son Noah came over for a visit. We went to Bub's for lunch (SOOOOOO good) and then came back to the Larsen's to chat. Noah, like Chase, is growing like a weed and learning more new things every day. It was great to see him and how much he has changed since we last say them in March. I love that Amy had a baby 9 months before me....I can call her for all kinds of questions! Right now, she is mastering the art of grocery shopping---I am bound and determined to discover all of her tricks to the trade!!

Jason, Chase, Ryan and Noah:

The Larsen's and the Abell's

Like I was saying before, Saturday night we went to Dave and McKenze Roger's Wedding. It was wonderful! They had their ceremony followed by the reception at the IMA which was absolutely beautiful. Their ceremony was outside, and boy did they luck out on the weather!! it was a little hot, but dry. Whereas Sunday rained ALL day. We had such a great time catching up with some of Jason's law school friends, as well as some old high school friends too!

Jason and I pre-wedding:

The Happy Couple!

Spencer, Me, Jason, Jake, Neil, Rachel and Kinsey!

On Sunday afternoon, I wanted to see my friend Kari, who I use to work with at St V's. She just had her daughter Olivia on August 12th. Mom and Baby are both doing SO well, and they both look great! Olivia is especially cute in her new Mary Jane socks that I got her! :) It was great that Jason and I were able to go spend some time with Kari, Derek and Olivia. Chase stayed back at Grandma's house, because he had the sniffles, and I didn't want to run the risk of potentially giving Olivia something. Isn't she a doll face??

Me holding Olivia, and Kari

Me and Livi!

Chase spending some quality relaxing time in Grandma's bouncy...I think he may be getting a little big for it.

Sunday evening, the Coonce family came over for dinner and we took family pictures (which I don't yet have on my computer). A family friend, Mike Miller, and his wife came over to take the shots and of course have a cookout! It was really nice to be able to spend so much quality family time together in our short weekend!!

Aunt Jessica rocking Chase to sleep

As we all know, all good things come to an end... we had to go. This was hard for Larissa, she did not want to see us go so soon, but we promise to be back soon!

Chase and Daddy getting ready to leave!

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