Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet Potatoes!!

What a week! I would like to first start out by saying, working full times really kicks my butt! But, I would like to thank my wonderful husband for picking up the slack and helping me so much with Chase and around the house. It will be a change for sure, but I am excited to be back in the swing of things...although, it's never easy being the new girl on the block (I hate that!) Chase and I managed to start Jason's Fathers Day gift project (TBA at a later date!) and we spent most of Saturday afternoon at the football field watching Jason play a couple games of flag football. Because it's already hotter than the sun here in Charlotte ( least I think so), Chase and I had to spend a little time out of the sun and inside the YMCA. Nevertheless, Chase was super tired from the exciting afternoon!

I decided today was going to be the day Chase had his first round of "solids". Soooo, with a little encouragement from my friend Amy, I decided I was going to attempt making all of Chase's baby food! After getting every processor I have dirty, and using several pots, I was able to successfully accomplish this task. The real test was if Chase would eat it...AND HE DID! He LOVED all of it! This made the mommy very happy!

Here are a few pictures from my adv
The bamboo steamer I used to cook the food!

The food processor I finally settled on.

Freezing the sweet potatoes for later use!

Mommy, I like this!!

Chase in the tub, sucking on a toy after the sweet potato adventure!


  1. Where did Chase get that FABULOUS toy? Cousin Claire is jealous. Her mom only let's her play with one Rubber Ducky. :)

  2. Congratulations on your big adventure of making baby food! I had orange goop all over my kitchen the first time, and things just got easier, cleaner, and faster. I promise! My mom told me tonight that you called Saturday. I love it! :) She just loved you. I mean, let's be could she not? Good luck with your next ORANGE or GREEN adventure!