Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I would like to start out by wishing every dad out there a very happy father's day. I feel especially blessed every year on fathers day because I myself have two very amazing fathers that I love very much. This year is the first year I have really been away from home, so on these special days, I very much miss my family...and today, hold a very special place in my heart for my wonderful dads :)

On a second note, I am very blessed to have married such a wonderful man who has turned out to be an AMAZING least these first few months :) For this special day, Chase and I decided to put our brains together and we came up with a very fun project! I googled a local pottery painting place, and went there to see what kind of magic we could make. We decided on a frame. I wanted something I could fit Chase's feet on, and I also wanted to put the NASCAR logo on, so Jason could take this to put on his work desk. The creative juices were flowing...

Jason has informed me, I have broken no laws by making a one time work of long as I do not try to sell this for profit :)

Ready for firing!!

Daddy opening his gift.

He loved it!!

Later in the day, Jason thought we should put Chase in his "kickball team captain" shirt that our friend Yvette got for Chase when he was born. For those that didn't know, Jason and I met playing kickball in Indianapolis... so this very thoughtful, specially made shirt means a lot to us.

Chase and daddy...He is getting so big!

Larsen '09... too cute!

The happiest baby on this block :)


  1. Matthew loves the Father's Day gift! Great job Kim!!

  2. He is getting so big...Chase that is! :) I love the gift you made for Jason. I hope you have a great week! I left a message on Jason's phone about the apples. I don't have your number, so feel free to email it to me/message me on facebook. Bye girl!