Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sponge.

Chase should really be nicknamed "The Sponge"...this kid can retain more information than unlike anything I have ever seen!  Of course, he is in that ripe age period of rapid learning and brain development... and boy does it show.  Preface to this video: Early in the day, around 11am, we went outside and Chase told me to write down several things on the driveway "Chase, Ellie, Kim, Jason, Aunt Carolyn, Claire, Charlotte, Uncle Bob, Spiderman, Turtle, Soccer, Goal, Grandma and Grandpa"  He can recognize all of his letters, so as I wrote he would tell me the letter.  Anyways, after our driveway was about 1/2 covered we moved onto playing with his bubbles and his red car and put the chalk away.  When we went back outside around 6:15 pm, Chase started first spelling out the words letter by letter, and then he would tell me what the word was- COMPLETELY UNASSISTED!!  I decided to quickly get the camera, and these were the last 4 words I could get him spelling and then identifying on camera.  How smart is this kid?!? 

Posted by one very proud Mom :)

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