Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Life of a Larsen Over the Past Month...

There is most definitely NEVER a dull moment in this house (shocker, right?!).  We have been, and continue to be quite busy!!  At the end of July, my sister Katie and her husband Aaron came to SC to visit us!  It was extra special because it was her golden 24th birthday (she turned 24 on July 24th!)  They were able to stay for 5 days, and it was so great to have them here.  We spent some time cooking, some time at the pool, and some time knitting :) 
Katie with the red velvet birthday cake I made tasted soooo good!!

Uncle Aaron and Chase building a castle

Aunt Katie and Uncle Aaron

The week after my sister left, we took our first ever Larsen family of four vacation!!!  Of course, Jason had to point out the that ironically we leave the state of South Carolina EVERY day to go to work, yet apparently we stay in South Carolina to vacation...we went to Myrtle Beach!!  We had the pleasure of going with our amazingly awesome friends, Sara, Matthew and Hunter as well as their parents Chuck and Dolly.  It was a short stay (Thursday-Sunday) but in that time  we were able to see the beach (twice for Chase and Jason, eat a lot of great food, shop, and play some mini golf (Chase's first time!!).  Sadly, I must report that I did for the very first time in my life, burn the lasagna I made one night.... A recipe I know by heart apparently doesn't mix well with an oven that is ancient (or I may be operationally challenged).   It was salvaged and edible, but Jason was sure to tell me it was NOT as good as it normally is.  Oh well... :)

to the beach....will 100 things...
attempting to get a family picture!

our beach companions, The Easley's and Chirila's!

Mini golf fun!

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