Sunday, February 21, 2010

We are buying a HOUSE! Closing on March 10th

One of the biggest reason for my lack of blogging over the past month is that we have found ourselves a HOME! We decided on Fort Mill SC (we are going to living in SC!....YAY!) in a great, very well established neighborhood called Knightsbridge. This little gem couldn't be more perfect! The current homeowners are moving back to Ohio because of a job offer. They clearly have taken pride in owning this home. It truly is immaculate! I could not be more thrilled about finally being able to stay in ONE place for longer than a year. Making this our home and putting my own little touches on everything will really be spectacular! Some of you must be thinking, "don't you both work in Charlotte?" well yes. For the none NC/SC residents, take a look at a map and you will see Charlotte sits near the SC border. Conveniently, we will have about a 25 minute drive to work. Our decision came based mainly on #1: it is cheaper to living in SC- Mecklenburg County taxes are outrageous! #2: great schools! Of course, we also will be living closer to my long time best friend from high school, Sara, and her family (they live in Summerville) All in all, this is a great starter home for us and we cannot WAIT to move in!!! Move in day is March 13th...anyone in the area wanna come help?? :)

Our HOME (soon)! 708 Warwick Way, Fort Mill SC

The Kitchen

The Dining Room

View of the sunroom from the living room

Living room view from the kitchen and sunroom

Living room, again

Master Bedroom

Chase's room!

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  1. Can't wait! Can't wait!! Can't wait!!! We are so excited for you guys!!