Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Party Fun!

This year, with Halloween falling on a Saturday, we thought it would be SO much fun for Chase's first Halloween to have a party! We decided to double host the party with our new neighbors Greg and Dolly. They are from Seattle and new to the area. Greg is actually in seminary school, and many of his classmates have families. We had a great blend of people and lots of young kids! Chase was dressed as a pirate, and of course, he looked SO adorable.

This year we opted out of trick or treating because Chase can't actually walk up to the year though, we will be going for sure! All of the kids dressed up and were so cute! It rained for part of the evening, but luckily only during dinner. By the time the kids were ready to go it was dry and 75 degrees!!! Did I mention how much we are LOVING North Carolina?!?!

Speaking of dinner...I was paranoid abo
ut not having enough food. I decided to make pulled pork for this occasion. My Aunt had made the recipe and I just loved it. Now, there are two things I did not take into consideration when deciding this: #1 I have never in my life made pulled pork #2 I was making pulled pork for Southerners??? Whoa...for a brief moment I thought I might have made a mistake. Luckily I had PLENTY of pulled pork and everyone LOVED IT!! I actually was asked several time about the recipe and how to make it. All of the guys went back for seconds.... it was a success! (Thanks Aunt Bun!) We also had plenty other goodies to fill people's bellies- cookies, crackers, pretzels, candy, was a sugar filled night.

Our next big party will probably be Chase's birthday party in January. I look forward to planning (and stressing) over that fun event!

Our spooky spider sandwiches

the apple "Bad Oral Hygiene" bites

The spooky hands coming into the house

The cookies Dolly and I decorated

These were the treat boxes I made for the much fun!!!

My little Pirate!

Family Photo

Dolly and Belle


Chase and I

Allie, Linden, Lawson, Connie and Chase

A happy baby!


  1. I soooo wish we could've been there for the party, but I guess Hunter had other plans for us. I can't wait to see you guys again and for you to meet our little guy. We've already been telling him that he has a best friend named Chase :)

  2. That looked like a blast!! If you ever move back, we are totally crashing all of your parties!